Full System to measure the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Includes different sensors and data recording in the cloud for analysis on large periods of time. Ideal for hospitals, health centres, laboratories, offices, schools, universities, hotels, homes, industries, workshops.

BlueAir is a device that measure the quality of indoor air in real time. The air we breathe indoors may not be ideal for our health or work performance and is of special interest to people with respiratory problems. It is estimated that people spend 90% of their entire lives indoors.

Both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the EU (European Union) recommend the control of contaminants that can usually be found in indoor rooms: CO, CO2, fine particles (PM10 and PM2.5) and VOC (Volatile Organic Components) such as benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene among others.

In some European countries directives on air quality have already been published in public spaces such as schools and hospitals.
The measurement of air quality is the first step to take actions such as increasing the ventilation of the place or filtering the air.

Sensors: CO2, VOC, CO, PM (2.5, 10), emperature, humidity, ambient noise
date & time with backup battery

Touch panel

Data record: last 24 hours embeded, on the cloud for analysis in long periods

Not calibration requiered


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