Ingeniería electrónica para la innovación Soluciones y diseño
Electronic engineering for innovation

We are pasionate about electronic and wish to put our energy into this arena. We started out during the worst times of the 2012 crisis. We began as many great companies did-in a garage. We know the great challenges that we have in front of us but we are confident that our knowlwdge and expertise will succeed.

Many years of experience in electronic design; from Multichip to IPTV systems, from PCB design to space applications, custom or open hardware solution (Raspberry Pi, Arduino), small or large projects, industrial or I+D. Committed to supplying valuable and honest services to our customers to the highest quality levels available. Cooperation and team work are in our DNA…

Project management

Cerro project managers follow the PMI methodology in their projects.

Project Managment is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is acomplished throught the appropiate application and integration of the five process groups:

La gestión de proyectos es la aplicación de conocimientos, habilidades, herramientas y técnicas a las actividades del proyecto para cumplir con los requisitos del proyecto.